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Participate as a Stroke Health CHAMPION

  • You are part of an institution (hospital, university, non-profit or for-profit agency, government), and you are interested in learning more about collaborating on stroke related scientific/clinical endeavors
  • You can join us by telling us a little more about yourself/your institution. Please provide your contact information HERE.
  • No membership dues. Join our cause for free.

Participate as a Patient/Caregiver VICTOR

  • You are a community member and/or a stroke victor with interest in contributing your experiences, or with interest in learning more about stroke prevention/rehabilitation and about other related evidence based on scientific/clinical information
  • You can join us by sending us a note at the “Contact Us” link.  Please let us know about yourself and we welcome your feedback and input.
  • Always free to join

Participate as an Industry PARTNER

  • You are a part of industry and work on efforts to improve all phases of the stroke continuum and you want to join us at any of our Florida Stroke Registry meetings (annual and others).
  • You can join us by sending us a note at the “Contact Us” link.  Please let us know how you would like to participate and please feel free to provide feedback and input.
  • We look forward to having you join us!